West St. Paul

I heard about Kelly from people I know who had major renovations done and had hired Kelly Construction to do the work. 
After I contacted Kelly he made it very easy to get started. We met to discuss ideas and the process of building a “custom” house. He was readily available either in person or via the phone to answer questions. He offered knowledgeable suggestions on materials and design ideas but I always felt that he was listening to my ideas and took into consideration my needs and price range when looking into materials and options.   
One of the great things about working with Kelly was that he was personally involved in all aspects of the project. This involved a hands-on approach….as well as ensuring that skilled people were on board to do the work at each of the various stages from start to finish. When not personally working on a task at the site, he made sure to check in with those who were. The project was complete fairly close to his projected timeline and cost outline. The results — a comfortable home that I am proud to call my own. 

Thanks; Faye